Our team has over 15 years' experience working on digital projects for clients ranging from international non-profits and government service providers to local solar power co-ops and food producers.

North Vancouver City Library


A warm and welcoming space that inspires learning, discovery and creation.

The North Vancouver City Library wanted their new website to be seamless, easy-to-use and intuitive for their site visitors. The website—like their physical space—needed to be warm and welcoming, reflecting their personality, openness and connectedness to diverse communities.

The challenge

The former NVCL website was out-of-date and didn’t reflect the library’s personality or community. Site visitors were not able to easily find what they needed when searching for books, media or events. Web administration staff had lengthy processes to update and edit the website and to add new events and media.

How Weaver helped

Weaver engaged in an in-depth and in-person research and discovery phase to understand the library’s diverse users and their unique needs, including spending a day at the library absorbing the culture of the physical space and meeting staff and visitors.

We worked closely with the project team to improve not only their site visitor's user experience but also that of staff working behind the screen.


Following leading digital industry standards and exploring multiple creative options for site visitors resulted in a more engaging and accessible library website that has helped increase participation in events and activities, and helped the library meet their strategic priorities by connecting with community members.

Custom solutions for the new site include colourful showcases that feature books and media with links to the library catalogue. We also created a digital library that creatively displays NVCL’s many digital resources by topic, and designed a new events system that is easily filtered and searchable.

On the homepage, we commissioned North Vancouver artists to create work featuring local flora and fauna, which we transformed into an interactive digital mural, with links to items in the library catalogue.

We tested the website with NVCL library users and using the evidence we gathered, adjusted the design, tech and content to improve the user experience.

Weaver is proud to have an ongoing relationship with NVCL and continue to help them develop new features for the website and update their communications tools.

Weaver worked deeply and intently to understand our library culture and customers, and their compact team ensured we were able to work intimately with each team member. Working with Weaver was a true treat!

- Abigail Saxton, Communications & Website coordinator, NVCL

Smiling person sitting in parked car looking out the window while holding a phone

BC Passenger Transportation Board


Weaver worked with the Passenger Transportation Board to refresh their online presence and create a brand that will serve the passenger transportation industry in B.C. today, and into the future...

The challenge

The Board’s website was outdated, lacked up-to-date content, was not mobile-friendly and wasn't meeting accessibility needs. These problems impacted stakeholders, licensees, staff and the general public who could not access the information they needed.

The Board wanted a website that clearly articulated their application process and clarified their mandate through the use of branding, visuals and plain language. They also needed to update their brand with a new logo and look that reflected who they are and what they do.

How Weaver helped

Weaver kicks off every project by getting to know site visitor needs and the needs of the organization.

For the Passenger Transportation Board, we created user personas and mapped their journey through the application processes. This helped us to understand the diverse needs of their audience.

We then designed a sound site structure based on evidence from user feedback surveys and interviews. We tested wireframes with users to validate the proposed site structure using a 'first-click' analysis tool.

We did a deep dive into the Board's content and application process. This helped us gain an understanding of where we could harness the power of content, design and technology to create an experience above and beyond the Board's expectations.


Custom tools created for the Board include a robust search tool that allows users to search through hundreds of application documents, and view them as mobile-friendly, accessible website pages rather than requiring visitors to download PDF or MS Word documents.

Additionally, we built a custom module for adding important news announcements that is easy for staff to use and makes these alerts easy for visitors to find. Programmed scheduling features enabling website editors to add content whenever they wish and letting the website take care of publishing at a set date and time.

Finally, their new logo and brand reflect the Board’s important work governing passenger transportation, with a contemporary look and feel that sparks confidence in their stakeholders and clients.

The website exceeded my expectations. Everyone at the Board is very happy with the design and feel of the site. Well done team!

- Carmela Allevato, Chair

Smiling labour representative

BC Labour Relations Board


Creating beautiful and functional space for a dialogue based on trust and accessibility to justice

The Labour Relations Board needed new branding, a new website and some content coaching to meet their goal of creating a modern, welcoming, accessible and user-focussed web presence...

The challenge

The Board's website didn't support new technology, their brand didn't reflect their vision and staff couldn't update the website easily. Most crucially, site visitors were not able to easily find the critical information they were searching for. The Board envisioned a welcoming web presence that reflected their commitment to transparency and accessibility to justice.

How Weaver helped

Weaver worked closely with the Board to understand their needs and to give them the tools to authentically communicate who they are as an organization in a meaningful way. We engaged with their site visitors to understand why and how they used their site. We listened to challenges and presented creative solutions making sure we met their needs and requirements each step of the way.

We conducted in-depth research to better understand the Board's needs and helped the Board to crystallize their digital and engagement strategy.


The Labour Relations Board's new and modernized branding increased confidence and better reflects the Board's vision of trust and transparency

Stakeholder engagement increased with a new news and policy updates section. A newsletter sign-up lets people stay in touch and get up to date announcements from the Board. Staff are confident in updating the site and can edit, add pages and change the site structure easily.

Weaver worked hard to understand what we do, asked hard questions and pushed us to think outside our own bubble. What we did not expect was how invaluable the process would be to our ability to see ourselves from a new perspective.
Thank you Weaver. We couldn’t have done it without you!

- Jacquie de Aguayo, Chair

Agricultural field with two large greenhouses set beside mountainous terrain

Weaver invariably understands exactly how to complete all tasks given to them effectively and efficiently no matter what challenges or difficulties they encounter.

Pacific Agricultural Certification Society


Supporting pioneers in organic certification and sustainable food systems connect with consumers with an updated and functional website

The Pacific Agricultural Certification Society commissioned a mobile responsive, content driven website designed to help move clients towards an intuitive, paperless system. Weaver worked to seamlessly integrate new CRM management features, as well as converting a large quantity of forms to online fillable, offering a better user experience to administrator and client.

An assessment of their logo, branding and marketing materials and updated brand identity set the tone for the look and feel of the website.

Two hands kneading pizza dough on floured surface in kitchen

Elisabeth’s understanding of our business and these partnerships is reflected in the materials she and her team create – from menus and printed materials, web design, social media collateral, to labels for our house wine and much more!

Pizzeria Prima Strada


Inspiring and igniting a passion for fire-roasted pizza makes this authentic and beloved neighbourhood pizzeria a local favourite

Our creative director has been the brand creator and strategist at Pizzeria Prima Strada since day one. Weaver has expanded the website to accommodate new locations and are always looking to improve the site from a human and technical aspect. During Covid-19 the team helped Prima Strada pivot to changing market conditions by connecting the website to an online food ordering and delivery system and creating a sales program for housemade “to-go” products.